Social Media Marketing

In essence, social media incorporates the use of online technologies and methods that allow people to share personal opinions, content as well as swap insights and perspectives with the rest of the world. Social media has paved the way to a more powerful communication channel for companies to publish their marketing messages – all without the exorbitant cost. While we all know social networks is generally used by businesses to engage their target market and study consumer preferences and behaviours, the truth is, it has other equally powerful features that you can incorporate into your marketing strategy, with highly rewarding payoff at that.

Customer Retention

In marketing terms, it’s said that it’s eight times more expensive to get a new customer than to keep an old one. If you serve a customer well, they will be a repeat customer. It costs more from an advertising and time standpoint to generate new customers.

Customers and clients memory of you fades over time. In less then a year they might completely forget you. Birthday, Thank You, Season Greeting cards are powerful tools that keep the name of your business in customers minds, and lets them know that you haven’t forgotten them. It will also create a lasting bond of loyalty and friendship with them.

Today there are greeting card services that allow you to pick your card from online catalogs, add a personalized message and click a send button. The service will then print it, stuff and stamp it, and mail it out for you. And get this these services cost much less than buying cards from a store and mailing them yourself.

Search Engine Optimisation

How can you get your Business Website found by your prospective customers when using Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing?


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Making sure that the Search Engine Optimisation Strategy targets the rights terms is an essential component to the plan. It is by ensuring that your business website is found for search terms that your customers are actually using that gives you the best opportunity for a good return on this investment.

If it was easy, everyone would be able to achieve front page rankings. If a target keyword phrase contains more than 5 words, is rarely used and has little competition then it’s a fairly trivial exercise to get on to the front page. The difficult part is getting on to the front page for popular keywords, that are highly competitive and give the best chance of selling your products or services to the visiting prospect. That’s why all of your major online competitors want to be found for these very same terms.


We Simplify Keyword Research – So you know the Right Terms to be found for


The starting point of any Search Engine Optimisation Strategy is keyword research. We need to discover what terms are popular with your customers, which ones are being targeted by your competitors and if possible identify any gaps.

Once this has been achieved we can provide a realistic plan for what it’s likely to take and how long to achieve the results that you are looking for.


Our Search Engine Optimisation Experts will be there to guide and help you every step of the way

Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing targets building stronger and long lasting relationships with customers, clients and other companies. The business is done with a strategic orientation, where the relationship is improved with existing customers rather than finding new customers. This means catering to the needs of individual customers. The primary element involves studying customer needs and how their needs change in different circumstances.

Relationship marketing applies techniques like marketing, sales, customer care and communication. These strategies not only enhance the relationship but increase the life period of the relationship. In addition, as the customer realizes the value of relationship, they draw closer. This marketing not only focuses on building relationship and attracting customers to products and services but on how to retain them.

Relationship marketing is applicable where customers have many options in the market for the same product or service and the customer is entitled to make a selection decision. In such a kind of market, businesses try to maintain their clients by providing comparatively better products and good service and hence, achieving customer loyalty. And once it is achieved it becomes difficult for competitors to do well in the market. The customer turnover was not paid attention to as the main attention was on customer satisfaction.

Due to the advancement in computers and the Internet, software can facilitate customer relationship management. With the help of this software the tastes, activities, preferences, and complaints of customers are tracked. Almost all the companies have this software in their marketing strategy, which benefits the customer as well as the company.

Thus, the main aim of relationship marketing is to bring profit to the company by constructing and maintaining relationships with committed clients. The other benefits achieved are confidence building and social benefits.

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